2020 Regulations Compliance

The 2020 Regs offer new rules that require substantial changes for all colleges, universities, and K-12 schools and districts.

ATIXA has implemented a comprehensive compliance approach featuring dozens of resources intended to help you move toward full compliance. All education programs that are federal funding recipients must comply with the Final Rule by August 14, 2020. This includes:

  • Public K-12 schools and districts
  • Private and public colleges and universities
  • Publicly funded camps
  • Medical schools
  • Charter schools
  • Hospitals that take federal money for residency programs
  • Private/independent schools that take federal school lunch subsidies

ATIXA provides comprehensive implementation guides, sample policies, and key support materials for Title IX Coordinators, Hearing Officers, and K-12 School Districts.

2020 Regulations Compliance Consulting Examples

Appeals Officer Training
Executive-Level Briefing for Cabinets and Boards of Trustees
Hearing Advisor Training
Hearing Chairs Certification
Hearing Decision-Maker Certification
Interactive Mock Hearing Training
Title IX and the First Amendment
Title IX Team Training