Digital Badges

It’s now easier than ever to share your achievements and credentials! In addition to the certificates of completion provided by ATIXA and NABITA following a certifying event, we also offer digital badges.

These digital badges allow users to present a record of their learning to anyone at any time. One of the greatest advantages is the ease with which they can be shared onto social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as shared organically via inclusion in one’s email signature.

Always Accessible

Never worry about losing your certificate – ever. Your active badge, transcript, and certificate will always be present on your My ATIXA or My NABITA page.

Easily Share-able

You want to share your achievement. Digital badges let you showcase your achievement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with one click. You can also download and include badges in your email signature, to demonstrate to colleagues, students, and others all of your professional development accomplishments.

Control Your Privacy

How and when you share your badge is up to you.

Learning, Verified

Your achievements can be verified at any time, across your digital badge, certificate, and transcript from ATIXA and NABITA.


FAQs and Support Requests

Visit our CCC/Badge FAQ pages (ATIXA/NABITA) for more information.