BIT/CARE Team Custom Training and Tune-Up

Is your Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)/CARE team already functioning well but seeking to fine-tune its practices or address specific areas of improvement? Do you want to provide your team with a targeted training session to enhance effectiveness and address challenges? Our BIT/CARE Team Custom Training and Tune-Up delivers a focused and tailored training experience.

Even high-performing BITs can benefit from periodic evaluations and targeted training to maintain and enhance effectiveness. We designed this training for BITs who are already functioning well but are looking for a tune-up or a targeted presentation to address specific areas of interest or concern.

Led by experienced professionals with expertise in behavioral intervention and threat assessment, student affairs, case management, counseling, and legal compliance, our training team will collaborate closely with your team to identify the specific areas of focus and deliver customized training that meets your needs.

By engaging TNG to provide our BIT/Care Team Custom Training and Tune-Up presentation, your team will receive a targeted and customized training experience that addresses their specific needs and challenges. This will enable them to fine-tune their practices, enhance their skills, and excel in supporting student well-being and safety.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their team’s current practices, strengths, and areas of improvement.
  • Participants will acquire new skills and strategies targeted toward the identified areas of improvement or specific topics of interest.
  • Participants will explore and apply best practices in behavioral intervention.

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