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Executive Team


Business Operations

Gina Elton

Administrative Assistant, TNG

Stephanie Richardson

Administrative Assistant, TNG

Max BrownGold

Associate Vice President, Technology, TNG

Christina Fusco

Staff Accountant, TNG

Breyanna Lucas

Information Technology Technician, TNG

Association and Training Operations

Megan Birster

Executive Director, Training Operations, TNG

Megan Calel, M.A.O.M.

Assistant Executive Director, ATIXA

Jessica Harris, M.A.

Program Coordinator, ATIXA

Michelle Larkin

Training Operations Specialist, TNG

Ali March

Membership and Program Specialist, ATIXA

Shea Palmer

Membership and Program Specialist, NABITA

Makenzie Schiemann, M.S.

Executive Director, NABITA; Vice President, Case Management Initiatives, TNG

Jen Taylor, M.S.

Assistant Executive Director, NABITA

Katie Walker, M.B.A.

Executive Director, ATIXA

Annie Woods

Senior Program Coordinator, Training Operations, TNG

Marketing and Business Development

Katherine Bryan

Senior Marketing/CRM Specialist, TNG

Chris Connolly

Associate Vice President, Client Relations, TNG

Kate Halligan

Vice President, Client Relations, TNG

Alyssa Howson

Client Relations Specialist, TNG

Jamie Kelly

Director, Client Relations, TNG

Caryn Luethe

Director of Marketing and Strategy, TNG

Wyatt McCoach

Digital Marketing Specialist and Market Research Analyst, TNG

Ryan McDavis

Senior Associate Vice President, Client Relations, TNG

Randi Purser

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TNG


Erin Hawkins

Assistant, Investigations, TNG

Tammy Franks

Licensed Investigator, TNG

Heather Heider

Manager, Investigations, TNG

Michael Huey

Director of Operations, Investigations, TNG

Jacqueline St. George

Licensed Investigator, Workers' Compensation, TNG