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Executive Team

Consulting and Content


Max BrownGold

Associate Vice President, Technology, TNG

Katherine Bryan

System Specialist (CRM), TNG

Christina Fusco

Senior Accountant, TNG

Jennifer Gibson

IT Reporting Analyst, TNG

Courtney Grisillo

Administrative Assistant, TNG

Breyanna Lucas

Information Technology Technician, TNG

Donald Voltz, CMA

Controller, TNG

Jacobus van Zyl

Chief Financial Officer

Association and Training Operations

Megan Birster

Executive Director, Training Operations, TNG

Megan Calel, M.A.O.M.

Executive Director, ATIXA

Allison Campbell

Training Operations Specialist, TNG

Jessica Harris, M.A.

Program Coordinator, ATIXA

Michelle Larkin

Senior Training Operations Specialist, TNG

Shea Palmer

Membership and Program Specialist, NABITA

Jen Taylor, M.S.

Executive Director, NABITA

Marketing and Business Development

Lindsey Benatti

Digital Marketing Coordinator

David Brunner

Director of Client Relations

Chris Connolly

Associate Vice President, Client Relations, TNG

Kate Halligan

Vice President, Business Development, TNG

Ryan McDavis, M.P.A., M.S.L.

Senior Associate Vice President, Client Relations, TNG

Chrystin McHugh

Director of Strategic Marketing

Dorothy Petry

Client Relationship Specialist

Julianna Teoh

Marketing Communications Coordinator


Erin Hawkins

Assistant, Investigations, TNG

Heather Heider

Manager, Investigations, TNG

Michael Huey

Director of Operations, Investigations, TNG