Continuing Certification Credits & Digital Badges

Track, update, and renew your ATIXA and NABITA certifications and digital badges through our online professional development platform, the Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program.

What are CCCs and Digital Badges?

Every time you take an ATIXA or NABITA certification course, you earn credits and a digital badge. Those credits are tracked in our CCC system which you can access and use to ensure that your certifications are up to date. Membership and some additional programs with ATIXA and NABITA also have digital badges to show inclusion in these systems.

How do I earn CCCs?

To begin accruing CCCs, you must first complete an ATIXA or NABITA certification course (membership is not required). Qualifying events are labeled as a “Certification.” There is no additional cost to participants to enroll in CCC once you are certified.

You can begin accruing CCCs by attending any of our qualifying educational opportunities, either live or online. To maintain your certification, you will need to accrue twelve (12) credits every two years. Subsequent related ATIXA or NABITA certification courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences within your two-year certification period also serve to extend your original certification status. CCCs expire two years after earning them because the field is ever-changing and the laws, guidance, and court decisions necessitate frequent and consistent professional development.

Who can earn CCCs?

CCC allows you to track, maintain, and extend professional development through our programs. CCCs are a cost-effective way to stay current and maintain your certification from the nation’s leader in Title IX and Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification refers to attendance at a qualifying event; TNG, ATIXA, and NABITA cannot speak to individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material.

Ease of use

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The advantages of keeping your certification current

Holding a current certification from ATIXA and NABITA is a signal to others that you are staying up to date with developments in the field and that your training has been provided by the nation’s leading experts. It is a reflection of your commitment to continuing education in an ever-changing field. And, don’t discount the value of certification in court. Use of ATIXA and NABITA training and materials have successfully helped to prove reasonable care in litigation. Best of all, unlike most continuing education credit programs, we do not charge you any additional fees to receive CCCs if you attend our qualifying events. Event registration fees and purchase prices of on-demand trainings still apply, but certification incurs no extra expense.

Please note that CCCs are unique to the growing field of school and workplace risk management and are issued by TNG, LLC, ATIXA’s and NABITA’s management company. This program is not accredited by any third-party agency. CCCs are a profession-specific approach to quantifying training and professional development in the higher education risk management field. Accordingly, CCCs are not directly transferable to CEUs or CLEs, though we will provide documentation in support of retroactive use of CCCs for such credit, on request.

For more information, please contact us or call 610-993-0229.

TNG, LLC’s Continuing Certification Credits (CCC) provides a professional service to institutions and individuals. Please note that presenters of and the ideas contained in CCC-eligible trainings for TNG, LLC in performance of these professional services are not providing legal advice. Institutions and individuals should consult their own attorneys before acting upon any advice or suggestions made by TNG’s presenters pertaining to CCC-eligible trainings.