Investigations of integrity that will stand up in court.

Our team of investigators brings subject matter expertise and technical acumen to investigations of all sizes and complexity with the highest level of experience, professionalism, and organization.

Investigations for K-12, higher education, and workplaces.

Our independent investigators facilitate professional and unbiased civil rights investigations that are free from conflicts-of-interest. Our expertise includes the performance of investigations, specifically in the areas of civil rights and discrimination investigations, employment and background investigations, forensic investigations, and OCR complaint closure.

Whether you need one investigator, a team of two, or a bench of 20 to manage a systemic crisis, all TNG investigators are ready to meet your needs and can be deployed quickly. All TNG investigators are certified by ATIXA and have deep experience in investigating with respect to sex, gender, race, disability, religion, ethnicity, age, and other forms of protected class discrimination.

External Investigations Services