The Behavioral Intervention Team (“BIT”) is a critical component for success and retention of students and employees.

Whether you need help with forming and establishing your team or your team is up and running and now needs fine-tuning and optimization, we have programs for both.

For more established teams, custom consultation may include a refresher on how to use the NABITA Risk Rubric, debrief the handling of a high-risk case, expand your capacity for mandated referrals and counseling, or deepen your experience using the SIVRA-35 tool.

We offer your team in-depth individualized training to address specific needs. Let our consultants review your BIT manual, culture of reporting, and risk rubric to ensure everything meets NABITA’s Standards.

BIT Operations Consulting Examples

Addressing Dangerous and Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom
Assessment 101: Demonstrating your BIT’s Efficacy
BIT Operations in an Online Environment
Developing and Deploying Interventions to Manage Risk and Support Students
Documentation and Recordkeeping
Intersection of BIT and Title IX