Sexual Misconduct Campus Hearing Expert Witness

The 2020 Title IX regulations allow expert witnesses in campus and school hearings.

They specifically contemplate the parties in sexual misconduct hearings offering expert testimony, and further provide that a recipient cannot limit access to and introduction of evidence by a party as long as it is relevant. TNG’s sexual misconduct experts have deep knowledge and experience with understanding and applying policy.

Whether you are a complainant or a respondent, think of how powerful it could be to have a TNG expert talk about the incident in question in a way that frames and narrows the issues for the hearing decision-makers, or even gives an opinion as to whether policy was violated or not.

Our experts are respectful of the boundaries of the process, and the professionals who work within them. We know that our opinions do not control the outcome, but we also know that many professionals in the field respect our perspectives and find them compelling.