Event Policies

Event Policies

All TNG event registrants recognize that TNG is not providing legal advice or acting in the capacity of legal counsel, and that registrants should consult their own legal counsel before relying or acting upon any advice or suggestions made by TNG’s employees, consultants, or representatives in the course of their training programs. While TNG training may include compliance elements, TNG offers no warranties or guarantees as to content and accepts no liability for how the content is interpreted or implemented by registrants.


If paying for an event by cheque, registration cannot be confirmed, and service will not be delivered until a purchase order is received by TNG. TNG will reserve a seat upon registration but has the right to cancel said registration if payment is not made or a purchase order is not submitted through your TNG account within 15 days of the event.

TNG has a per-transaction limit of $5,000 for all credit card authorizations. Amounts due to TNG in excess of $5,000 must be paid via cheque.

Refunds for duplicate transactions will be returned via check within four weeks of TNG’s receipt of the refund request.

Registration for Members

To register an individual attendee at Member Rates, the anticipated attendee must have an active ATIXA or NABITA Full Individual Membership, or the organization must have an active Full ATIXA/NABITA Institutional/Team or Super Membership. Rate of registration is based on your membership status at the time of registration.

Super Members should use the coupon code provided to you upon activation of your membership. If you are unable to locate your specific code, please contact us here. If intending to use a Super Member inclusion to pay for registration, do not register directly on the website without a coupon code.

Group Registrations

Group registrations can be managed through your TNG account. Each event attendee must be registered through TNG and, for virtual events, through Zoom. Attendees who are not registered will be removed from the training until registration is complete and payment is confirmed. Attending virtual training in a group from one location is not allowed. Certifications will only be provided to attendees whose participation can be verified for all days of training.

External Discounts

Please note that external discounts cannot be combined with existing ATIXA/NABITA member and group registration discounts.

Refunds and Credits

TNG understands that circumstances change, and events may arise that prohibit your ability to attend training after you have registered. Our cancellation and refund policy are outlined below:

  • Registration cancellation more than 6 weeks prior to registration deadline = 50% refund on the full registration price issued via cheque within 30 days of TNG receiving notification
  • Registration cancellation less than 6 weeks prior to registration deadline = no refunds on the full registration price

Registration cancellation forfeits all supplemental materials, and any other promotion or membership materials.

Registration refunds are not available for weather or travel-related delays or cancellations. Credit in the full amount of the registration cost will be applied in those situations to future purchases.

Credits expire one-year from the original purchase date and can be applied toward registration for an upcoming training, membership purchase or renewal, or other purchases through TNG.

If you have an outstanding credit with TNG, your credit can be redeemed for the following products. You will be sent an invoice for items priced beyond your credit amount.

  • Registration for any upcoming Training and Certification
  • Registration for any upcoming Events
  • Resources

The parties will be entitled to make public representation of this engagement, membership, or registration, if desired, including but not limited to TNG, marketing materials, social media, website representation, and media and public relations.

Inability to Attend

If you are unable to attend part of the training course, you will be provided with the option to transfer to the same training course at a later date. No refunds will be provided. You must notify us at least three business days prior to the training event in order to transfer the registration. We will work with you to find a mutually agreeable training course and date. If a mutually agreeable training course is not scheduled at that time, you will receive a credit for the registration amount paid which will be valid for one year from the original registration.


If the originally registered attendee can no longer attend the training, TNG will allow another individual from your organization to attend in your place. If you do not wish to send someone in your place, you may apply for a credit in full toward the cost of a future event, membership purchase or renewal, or other purchase with TNG. If you would prefer a refund, your registration will be refunded based on the schedule above.


TNG is committed to providing access to all of our training. Please contact events@tngconsulting.com to request accommodations at least 30 days in advance of the training start date. Advanced notice is necessary to partner with third-party service providers in many cases.

Some of our clients in the deaf and hard of hearing community prefer to use and arrange for their own interpreter. Should you wish to do so, please notify us and we will waive their registration costs for the training. Please contact us at events@tngconsulting.com.

Non-Solicitation Policy

TNG maintains a no-solicitation policy covering all of its conferences and trainings. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our members and attendees, we do not allow solicitation outside of approved sponsors and exhibitors there for that express purpose. This includes asking for business, distributing for-profit materials, or soliciting services. Any person and/or organization found to be violating this policy may be warned, removed, banned, or otherwise restricted by TNG for failing to comply, and may forfeit registration fees, accordingly. Egregious and/or multiple violations of this policy may result in disqualification from future events.