Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.

Partner and Vice President for Investigations, TNG

Areas of Expertise

Title IX

Employment Civil Rights

Civil Rights Investigations

Grievance Process Decision-Maker/Adjudicator

Employee/Supervisor Remedy-Based Training (see MPAC services)

Speaking and Writing

Frequent contributor to a variety of public news formats regarding Title IX, school/institution policy and process

Speaker (April/May 2018) and contributing author (Fall 2018) for Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) regarding appropriate civil rights grievance resolutions

Developed “Power Imbalance” training adopted by several U.S. medical schools for adaptation and implementation (2016)


Truman State University – Political Science (B.S.)

West Virginia University – Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.)

Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.

Partner and Vice President for Investigations, TNG

“Help people, even when you know they can’t help you back.” Anonymous

Joe Vincent is an impactful leader, trainer, and administrator whose unique insight and valuable experience is rooted in his hands-on work as a Title IX Coordinator and civil rights investigator. Vincent’s expertise includes employment matters, broad policy development and implementation, and specialized experience in the dynamics that bear on healthcare education and power differentials.

Vincent’s experience spans a broad range of disciplines and industries, affording him unparalleled versatility and the invaluable ability to meet clients where they stand. Prior to joining TNG in 2018, he served as a Title IX Coordinator for a graduate healthcare professions university system. This work, along with his presence as an influential thought leader in the field, established him as a trusted and knowledgeable voice within ATIXA. Vincent’s practical perspective and his devotion to addressing client needs through tangible, precise action are informed by his core belief in acknowledging equal human dignity.

In 2019, Vincent developed and launched TNG’s Mentorship in Professionalism and Appropriate Conduct (MPAC) program to help support schools’ efforts to educate and train employees subject to school sanctions for discriminatory and/or harassing misconduct. Consistent with his prior campus-based experience, Vincent continues to serve as an external investigator and adjudicator and an advisor for policy development and implementation. He frequently contributes as an expert witness in lawsuits affecting college, university, and school liability, as well as a third-party neutral hearing advisor and decision-maker.

Vincent earned his B.S. in Political Science from Truman State University and his M.L.S. from West Virginia University.