Creation of a Unified Policy and Process For All Discrimination Complaints

Are you unsure about who handles discrimination complaints at your school? Do you wonder which policy applies to each complaint? Are you concerned about whether different groups have more rights in discrimination cases? How are you managing intersectional and mixed-motive complaints, especially those impacted by multiple state and federal legal standards? TNG consultants can help.

Many schools struggle to comply with Title IX, Title VI, Title VII, and Section 504/ADA regarding various types of protected class discrimination. Ensuring equitable processes for staff, students, and faculty is challenging when all functions are administered independently. That’s where we come in.

By centralizing all discrimination complaints under one policy, we can help you simplify the process and ensure equitable treatment for everyone involved. Our approach includes unified policies that address all forms of discrimination for all faculty, students, and staff. How many procedures you have, who administers them, and how they intersect are functions of varying state and federal legal requirements. The goal is to guarantee a thorough, fair, equitable, and efficient civil-rights investigation-based approach.

If you’re tired of dealing with conflicting procedures, let TNG’s experts help you streamline your discrimination complaint management. We’re here to make the process respectful, workable, navigable, and transparent for all parties involved.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creation of a single, unified nondiscrimination policy
  • Creation of fair grievance procedures to comply with all civil rights laws
  • Dissemination of the policy to the community
  • Training the grievance process team on the policy/grievance procedures
  • Assistance with the policy approval process (i.e., shared governance, board of trustees, school boards, etc.)
  • Structure assessment to determine which office/Coordinator should manage the policy/process

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