Critical Incident Debriefing and Case “Hot Wash” Analysis – Learning From Cases to Inform Future Intervention Effectiveness

TNG experts will conduct a full-spectrum “hot wash” analysis of institutional critical incident responses to assist with the identification of structural impediments, evaluate the need for additional or re-allocated staff, discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of responsive steps, and prioritize and plan for future incident responses.

Similar to an emergency response debrief, the “hot wash” analysis brings together key administrators involved in the institutional response in a tabletop-style atmosphere to debrief what went well, what didn’t work as expected, what obstacles arose, and how to adjust and better anticipate challenges to meet response objectives moving forward.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify structural impediments to effective response.
  • Evaluate office and individual involvement at various stages of response.
  • Develop institutional objectives for ideal response and resolution.
  • Collaborate on solutions for adjustments to response to meet institutional objectives.
  • Develop layered response practices across a range of critical incidents

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