Establishing a High-Quality Case Management Program

Many higher education institutions have implemented Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs) to aid students and maintain a secure community. For BITs to accurately evaluate risks, it is most effective to designate specific personnel to carry out these interventions. NABITA recommends employing a non-clinical case manager in a case management department to provide personalized support to students overcoming barriers to academic success.

NABITA updated its Standards for Case Management in 2023, providing a framework of best practices to guide this behavioral intervention work. If your campus is considering creating a case management position or department, NABITA can assess your needs and provide guidance to align with our recommendations.

NABITA consultant(s) will work with you to:

  • Define the role of the non-clinical case manager and where this position will be seated organizationally.
  • Develop a policy and procedure manual that will serve as a roadmap for program development and service delivery.
  • Provide training for the case manager and the BIT on how their work is connected.
  • Educate the case manager on how to work effectively 1:1 with students in a positive and solution-focused manner.
  • Prepare the case manager and supervisor to assess and evaluate services and make changes/adjustments as needed.

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