MPAC: Mentorship in Professionalism and Appropriate Conduct

TNG has created the Mentorship in Professionalism and Appropriate Conduct (MPAC) program to replace unproductive and time-consuming sensitivity trainings. Our experts educate individuals 1:1 and equip them with tools to make better choices in the future, to combat the harmful effects of discrimination, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior. MPAC provides a remedy that shows your institution’s dedication to taking problematic conduct seriously and encouraging positive changes in behavior.

As part of MPAC, TNG’s experts custom-design one or multiple sessions to address the unique situation and dynamics of the case. The material can be presented live or in a hybrid mix of asynchronous and live sessions. Our expert consultants engage in one-on-one, impactful sessions, fostering dialogue and understanding for those who have violated institutional policies. MPAC allows the trainer to develop a rapport with the trainee, leading to deeper engagement and fruitful discussion. Rather than feeling judgmental or disciplinary, MPAC sessions are true mentorship opportunities that invest the trainee as a stakeholder in the outcome.

MPAC provides direct access to proven training materials and a full debrief from the consultant after the sessions. Perhaps most valuable, MPAC delivers peace of mind that your resolution process is effective and reliable.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what conduct is prohibited and why
  • Identify problematic behaviors or practices
  • Develop solutions to achieve institutions/trainee’s desired outcome and mitigate future risk
  • Appreciate the need for boundaries
  • Convey both the institution’s belief in the trainee as well as expectations for future conduct

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