Structuring, Training, and Supervising the Title IX Team Seminar

Title IX offices with full-time, dedicated staff are a permanent fixture on many campuses. Leading a Title IX team is challenging, even for experienced supervisors. Title IX offices face high staff turnover, burnout, and scrutiny from internal stakeholders, courts, and the media. Ensuring Title IX compliance involves a distinctive blend of procedural and personnel oversight, which is not typically taught elsewhere. The regulations guide what districts and institutions must accomplish but leave the methods up to them.

Learn the crucial strategies and skills designed for the unique needs of Title IX teamwork because it takes a village to ensure programmatic excellence. Learn best practices for leading a team of direct and indirect reports, peers, students, volunteers, and external contractors. Gain insight for evaluating current Title IX staffing needs, gaps, and opportunities in the context of compliance and exemplary programs.

After completing this workshop, participants will…

  • Assess the roles needed for Title IX compliance and the specific duties each team member needs to fulfill
  • Evaluate current staffing in the context of Title IX compliance to assess for gaps and benchmark institutional/district/school needs
  • Develop a Title IX Team staffing plan, including a recruitment and hiring/selection process designed for the unique needs of Title IX compliance work
  • Identify opportunities for formal and informal evaluation of Title IX Team members
  • Discuss professional development and training needs and goals with Title IX Team members
  • Review complaints or allegations against Title IX Team members to determine appropriate responsive actions

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