Tailored Title IX Team Training

Consider the benefit of having a Title IX expert focus solely on your campus for an entire day!

With so much information to sift through, it can be difficult to determine priorities. ATIXA certification trainings are great, but they do not speak to the granular topics that your team may need to address campus politics, navigate internal friction, build a coalition, solve problems, and anticipate challenges.

A TNG consultant can tailor a day with your team to provide the catalyst to move initiatives forward and smooth any challenges facing your campus. During a day-long visit, a Title IX expert from TNG can inspire change, offer training, increase stakeholder involvement, assist with compliance, identify best practices, solve vexing problems, offer a range of solutions, review policy and procedure, and inspire campus leaders to surpass compliance expectations.

Choose from an a la carte menu to create a day that meets your campus-specific needs. The following topics can be customized to benefit your campus:

  • Appeals Officer Training
  • Investigation Report Review Clinic
  • Title IX Investigator Training Brush-up
  • Hearing Panel Training
  • Title IX Recordkeeping
  • Advocates and Confidential Employees training
  • Intake and First Response
  • Title IX Training for Ras/Housing/Residential Life
  • Designing a Program for Campers and External Programs
  • Prevention Program Assessment
  • Establishing MOUs with Law Enforcement, Outside Agencies, etc.
  • Climate Survey Design, Implementation, and Assessment
  • Communication Protocols for Title IX Cases
  • Forming and Managing a Title IX Team
  • Title IX Deputy Coordinator Training
  • Designing Your VAWA Brochure
  • Case-specific Review and Debrief
  • Protocols for Pregnant and Parenting Students
  • Best Practices for Title IX and LGBTQIA+ Rights
  • Title IX Caseload and Workflow Management
  • Title IX Staffing/Resources Assessment
  • Title IX and Faculty Rights
  • Title IX and BIT Intersections
  • Preparing for Legislation on the Horizon
  • Title IX and the First Amendment
  • And many more…

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