Title IX Training for Various Student Populations

On college and university campuses, student-athletes, fraternity and sorority members, student government leaders, band members, and other affinity groups are unique populations with distinct experiences. To address the risks of sexual harassment and sexual assault within these groups, specialized training is crucial to speak to the unique group dynamics and culture of each team, club, or organization.

This training focuses on implementing strategic risk management solutions for population-specific student cohorts, considering the vulnerability and responsibility of prominent students on campus. The goal is to educate leaders on how to manage risks effectively, including providing specialized training tailored to these student populations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn how to recognize problematic cultures and conduct specific to unique student populations
  • Participants will understand best practices for addressing problematic conduct within unique student populations
  • Participants will be equipped with tools to strengthen their response and supportive measures for unique student populations

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