Appeals Officer Training

Do appeals frequently happen in your school or workplace on conduct procedures, including Title IX? Who hears appeals, and how are they trained? A poorly executed appeals process can lead to mistakes, frustration, and feelings of unfairness. Having a well-trained pool of appeal officers can enhance your appeal prowess and bring a sense of closure to difficult disciplinary situations for everyone involved. High-quality appeals also prevent unnecessary litigation and can help your decisions to withstand legal scrutiny. Proper training will give your appeal officers the confidence and care to do their job well.

Our three-hour training will cover all essential elements required for appeals officers under Title IX. Your team will be ready to manage Title IX and other appeals related to misconduct or discrimination. The training will cover topics such as the grievance process, acceptable reasons for an appeal, definitions of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and retaliation, educational programs and activities, appeal procedures, due process rights and procedural errors, written determinations, and issues of bias and conflicts of interest. More extended training options are available with case studies, policy analysis deep dives, and decision-making practice sessions.

  • Understand the definitions of sexual harassment and other forms of sex- and gender-bard discrimination
  • Understand the purpose and structure of an appellate process as different from the initial decision
  • Avoid conflicts of interest as an appellate officer, as well as avoiding and reducing bias in disciplinary outcomes
  • Understand the procedures that are part of an appeal process
  • Be able to articulate the bases for an appeal and distinguish from the overall appeal decision
  • Draft a written appeal outcome letter

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