Law 101 for Academic Administrators

Academic Administrators often encounter challenging situations, sometimes even facing lawsuits and legal threats from their faculty. This workshop offers a practical and engaging approach to analyzing case studies, which include:

  • Addressing instances where a faculty member disregards institutional policies on pronoun use or information sharing.
  • Managing unfounded complaints lodged against colleagues by insubordinate faculty members. Is disciplinary action warranted?
  • Exploring the feasibility of accommodating remote instruction as a viable workplace alternative when faculty members no longer prefer in-person teaching.

This workshop can be tailored to explore topics including:

  • Legal basics that apply to college administration
  • Title IX implications
  • Employee discipline and termination
  • Academic freedom and the First Amendment
  • Sexual misconduct law and expectations
  • Recommended policy review practices
  • Syllabus review recommendations
  • Appropriate complaint response
  • Preventive law techniques

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand various laws that are often implicated in day-to-day academic administration.
  • Discuss basic principles of employee legal rights related to discipline and requests for accommodation.
  • Identify risks in their policies and procedures related to potential legal issues.
  • How to more effectively head-off potential conflicts before they turn contentious.

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