Legislation and Litigation Update

Navigating bills introduced in state legislatures, ongoing litigation working through the courts, and the various laws affecting educational institutions can be challenging, especially when they intersect or conflict. This tailored workshop provides an executive-level overview of recent federal and state updates specific to your state and judicial circuit.

Delve into a range of topics, including FERPA, Section 1983 actions, First Amendment rights, the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the Clery Act/Violence Against Women Act §304, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), ADA, Bias Response teams, the BIG Act, threat assessments, Title IX, and other pertinent issues. Whether you prefer a comprehensive full-day session or a focused half-day format, our workshop offers the opportunity to explore these subjects in depth, with a focus on key practical takeaways for your administrators.

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify key state and federal laws impacting their work.
  • Understand the intersection and overlap between various federal laws.
  • Recognize areas for potential conflict between state and federal laws.
  • Learn how case law and legislation should drive policy and procedure changes – being reactive without being reactionary.
  • Update other team members about best practices for effective risk mitigation based on recent case law.

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