Reducing the Risks of a Lawsuit: What We Can Learn About Our Day-to-Day Practices From Recent Court Cases

Education institutions face lawsuits that pose significant financial and reputational concerns for administrators, even when many of these cases ultimately settle. This workshop delves into the previous year’s case outcomes with pragmatic, applicable discussions. TNG Consultants can customize this workshop to cater to specific audiences and either provide a broad overview of recent court decisions, trends, and settlement agreements or focus narrowly on cases in your jurisdiction.

This workshop can be tailored to Chief Executives, Chief Academic Officers, Chief Student Affairs Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, General Counsel, Academic Deans, Student Affairs Deans, Student and Staff Conduct Administration, Risk Managers, Disability Services, Human Resources Professionals, and Athletics Staff.

The workshop may cover the following topics:
• An update and complete synopsis of cases from the last year to now
• Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, including Title VII, IX, and § 1983
• First Amendment Issues (Student Organizations, Free Speech/Expression, Freedom of Association, Student Press)
• Faculty and Employment Issues
• Liability and Risk Management
• Student Conduct and Behavioral Issues
• Search and Seizure Issues
• Negligence cases

Learning Outcomes
Attendees will be able to:
• Identify “hot button” issues potentially facing their school, district, or institution.
• Understand potential missteps that led to findings of fault in recent lawsuits.
• Broadly recognize problematic policies, procedures, and practices that can lead to successful lawsuits.
• Share information with other stakeholders about recent litigation.
• Understand three key actions each attendee can take to mitigate risk for the institution/school/district

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